Client Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), UNEP, Nairobi Convention
Services Communication strategy, visual identity, consultancy
Project  Strengthening Communications for the Western Indian Ocean Governance Initiative Project
Location Remote, Nairobi
Website coming out

The Western Indian Ocean Governance Initiative (WIOGI) is a GIZ initiative, funded by BMZ, that aims to support the Nairobi Convention in its environmental goals in the WIO region. It will do so by coordinating participative solutions to environmental issues that endanger the integrity of the Western Indian Ocean. We will support this project by developing effective communication practices to strengthen partner capacities and promote processes and initiatives that can effectively support the transition to stronger regional ocean governance and a sustainable blue economy.

In this ongoing project we are currently working to finalize the communication strategy so we can, along with the Brand Guidebook, start developing the different communication products. These first steps are always exciting and crucial to achieve a clear vision that helps communicate best the incentives and goals of the overall project.


Inception Workshop
First face to face meeting with WIOGI team
WIOGI Brand Guidebook
The WIOGI Brand Guidebook will guide the production of great communication products. We are excited to see what's to come in this ongoing collaboration!